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Welcome to Amassers ( Formerly Binary Options Tutor )
     Our plan is to develop Amassers into a thriving community based website where we share only the best information & tools to help ordinary people learn to earn and become amassers.  This website will take ordinary people by the hand and help you to navigate in your financial journey. We will be covering such topics as Cryptocurrency, Forex trading, Futures trading, Eccomerce and financial litteracy.         Our goal is to share opportunities,tools and ideas in a easy to understand fashion that can help level the playing field for ordinary people who want to learn to improve their finances.  We have over 18 years experience speculating on the markets and we decided to start this site in order to share our knowledge and experience with others in the online community. We offer tutorials that will lay out the markets,crypto and finances in a way that makes sense.
       Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have continuted to grow on average of 100% plus each year for more than 5 years but remain just as cryptic to the average citizen today as at their inception. isn't it time for you to find out how to amass some of that wealth for yourself and your family?

     in 2020 Gallup poll found only 55% of Americans reported that they own stock, based on polls conducted in March and April. That is basically unchanged from the average 55% recorded in 2019 and similar to the average of only 54% Gallup has recorded since 2010. This means that in the last 10 years as the markets have risen over 70% more than 45% have not benefited by those gains at all. Why are so many people amassing wealth at the expense of those who don't understand this dramatic shift that has been quietly on it's way even globally all over the world.

     Markets are at an all time high benefiting only half at the expense of those who are:
losing jobs
watching savings interests shrink to less than 1% a year
and wondering how all of this happened regardless of how hard you work?

Again isn't it time for you to find out how to amass some of that wealth for yourself and your family?
Did you know?

Stocks appreciate at 7% + annually

      We invite you to join this website and community and start taking advantage of the free and premium tools and education so you too can become an Amasser!

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Latest Cryptocurrency News Updated 24/7

Sat, 20th Jul 2024 10:52:14 AM EST

Why is Dogecoin price up today?

Why is Dogecoin price up today?
Dogecoin is surging on the prospects of interest rate cuts in September and the excitement of a potential pro-crypto stance from Donald Trump.

Sat, 20th Jul 2024 10:52:10 AM EST

Ripple (XRP) Price Dips After Surge: What's Behind the Pullback

Ripple (XRP) Price Dips After Surge: What's Behind the Pullback
Ripple (XRP) has recently captured attention with its notable price movements. After experiencing a substantial rally, the digital asset has encountered a pullback, prompting investors and analysts alike to delve deeper into the factors influencing its market dynamics.

(The Currency Analytics)
Sat, 20th Jul 2024 10:42:08 AM EST

Can Ethereum ETFs Propel ETH Price to $4,000?

Can Ethereum ETFs Propel ETH Price to $4,000?
Five-spot Ethereum ETFs will start trading on July 23, including VanEck, 21Shares, Invesco Galaxy, and Franklin Ethereum ETFs. The Ethereum price stabilized above the $3,450 zone.

Sat, 20th Jul 2024 10:31:39 AM EST

Spot Bitcoin ETFs witness substantial inflows as broader market takes bullish turn

Spot Bitcoin ETFs witness substantial inflows as broader market takes bullish turn
On July 19 spot Bitcoin ETFs recorded inflows of $383.6 million, the second highest of the month, following a record $422.9 that came on July 16.

(Crypto news)

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Amassers Mission statement:
      An amasser is defined as a person that can cause people to come together in a positive celebratory collective that can be a benefit to them all. Thanks to technology and the information age we are hoping this website can act as an amasser. Our goal is to create a  community led by my brother and I where we have Amassed the best tools,technical indicators, trade alerts and tutorials ever put under one roof.

We have Amassed some of the most powerful indicators ever offered to the retail trader!  We developed and tested and modified these indicators over the course of several years. Don't just take our word for it because you can see us using the indicators live trading on this very website for years now. You can also see me using the indicators sharing market analysis on S&P500 for more than a year now on our Twitter feed below. All timestamps and images are on a 3rd party site so we can not alter the timestamps. We intend to not just share indicators but to take you by the hand and share the best ways we have found to interpret these custom indicators in your trading.

     Free and premium courses / Tutorials laid out in a way that is easy to understand: We are going to expand the vision of our website to not only cover technical indicators but to also share how to read fundamental data and bring the bigger picture ideas into clear focus so that you can see bigger gains from your trading, better management of your finances and most importantly see more freedom as a result.

         Are you looking for absolutely FREE training to help you become a better trader?
     Don't think we forgot about you. We will offer free live trade videos on trading using the Nadex exchange. Learn the thought process and strategies we use to put our trades together along with the money management and psychological training that is absolutely imperative for you to understand in order to make the most of your trading.  Below are links to some of our free live trading videos.

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   We are now regularly sharing real-time market guidance and commentary absolutely free via our public twitter account.
Now is the best time ever to get involved with Binary options, futures and Forex trading because the technology and training you need to succeed is available to everyone for the first time ever.