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World Financial Markets Clock - Forex Session Clock - Global Stock Markets Clock

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World Financial Markets Clock - Forex Session Clock - Global Stock Markets Clock
     This World Financial Markets Clock is not so much a free strategy but it is a useful tool to enhance any Binary Options trading strategy that you might be using. Watch the video below and find out  how to use the clock to spot the major Forex sessions and 14 major global stock markets as they are open and trading around the world throughout the day. We designed this World financial markets clock to be very intuitive and aid traders in getting a fast birds eye view of all the trading going on around the world at a glance. This clock runs in side your browser and uses flash technology and that means it is compatible with your computer regardless of if you are on Mac or PC etc..
     We also inserted some ranges to help traders identify times on the trading day that are more likely to produce high volatility trading. You can pull this world financial markets clock up and spot exactly when some of the largest markets of the world are open and trading at the same time and also spot areas when not as many markets are open and therefore there is likely much less of a chance of significant movement on the markets during these times. We all live a in a very big world and this Global markets clock outlining all the  major world stock markets really helps to paint a big picture in a universal fashion using Universal time Clock to convert your local time. Just unzip the free download and click on the html file. After that you can bookmark the page or right click and send a copy as a shortcut to your desktop. UTC time is a great way to get everyone using this world financial markets clock in sync all around the world.
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Watch this video below for detailed information on how to read and use the clock to enhance your speculating on the world markets.


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