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OK I actually done 2 quick trades around our Binary Options signals and since it is getting late and I am kind of hungry now I am going to writeup the easiest one there is for me to share. This trade that I am about to share may not show up in the demo of the Premium signals depending on when you read this because the demo signals are EXACTLY the same signals but they are delayed by 3 hours for obvious reasons. I want traders to get a better understanding of what exactly it is we are offering. So I am going to pop up the signal with the time stamp in the Bot and then I will show a demo trade ( with the time stamp and actual price I got in on ) at the Marketsworld broker and lastly I will pop up a 5 minute chart in MT4 and touch on some technical analysis. I said I done 2 trades and the other one worked for me as well but it is going to take longer for me to explain the execution so I will save that one for the premium members area.

I caution anyone that Memorial day is a very low volume trading day with not a lot of traders participating so the action is slow and can be really choppy as you will see on the chart at the end. So lets get this party started.

Mem D GBPUSD BOT Sig Forums

OK there are 2 signals in this screen cap inside a minute and about 30 secs between them. The second signal has RTRG on it and that stands for what we call in our system a Re-trigger. The second a client joins our premium service they will get a PDF document that will explain the system around our signals and the different strategies and execution tips. This is what our system labels a Contrarian ( counter trend trade )and when these signals are given there is a chance that if the condition persist in the markets then you will get these re-triggers of the same contrarian trade.

When the AI serves them this means that:

Conditions are still profiled as favorable
There should still be enough time for a human to get a trade in
The suggested range to enter the trade has moved more in your favor

Mem D GBPUSD Trade Forums

OK that is me demonstrating executing the trade on MarketsWorld. I got a good fill only 1 Pipette away from the top of the suggested range. I just had an idea of where I wanted to get in and waited on it. That's all I done traded my plan and felt good about it because this was on a re-trigger and I was at about the top doing a put.

Mem D GBPUSD 5 MT 05272013 Forums

OK as I mentioned earlier a dreadful choppy day of trading Wicks everywhere top and bottom and it does not even look like a major currency. See how the chart looks like a Major cross due to market conditions? None the less we see some rejection around my line and there is an arrow on the point where the bot finally decided all conditions look good lets take this candle. We got a winner and it did hold for a bit longer but this was what the AI profiled to be a trade against the prevailing trend so a time was set to get in and out fast. Notice all those wicks earlier but yet there are only a few signals today. This is the difference between what we define as AI based trading and a linear strategy. Well I hope this example helps give a bit more insight into what it is that we are offering but again our premium content is not just about the bot signals it is about empowering traders ( our signals are signs of what we think are good trades ) . BinaryOptionsTutor hopes to help clients earn as they learn from trading around our Binary Options Signals.