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Binary Options Signals software

     This article is all about our Binary Options Signals software. I am going to be covering the software we offer with our premium content here on the site in more detail. I am also going to explain the updated Automated Binary Options trading features that we recently added in version 2.0 of the software.

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   The diagram above illustrates how the new signals are distributed and executed automatically on your computer but there are a few technical terms that I want to clear up a bit.
BOTSignals Online Client: This is the online software that comes along with premium content subscriptions on the BinaryOptionsTutor site. The software runs in flash and will not require an install on your part because it loads up inside your Internet browser.
API Key:  This key is given to you by SignalPush when you purchase credits to unlock automatically executed trades on your Signal Push APP. You can see a Yellow box denoting where you will place the key inside the SignalPush APP and under Autotrading in our BotSignals Binary Options Signals Software.
Trading Platform: This is the Broker that you are executing the binary options signals on at the time.
Trading Binary Options signals automatically can still be flexible
     Our binary options signals are made up of a diverse set of strategies and we have partitioned them off inside the autotrading section of our online software. This means you can set different amounts for each strategy or leave some strategies blank and not take signals based on those strategies at all. This lets you put a human personalized touch to your Binary options signals software that is all your own. Lets look at the image below and get your creative juices flowing.
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     In the image above you can see that because we are trading algorithm based signals we are able to identify statistically how many we will expect and how often they have worked historically. Based on these numbers We have setup ratios that expose more on the QREV longer term signals that do not get triggered as much but have a higher strike rate and then for the moderately frequent longer term signals we are exposing a bit less and lastly for the shortest term but highest frequency signals we are exposing the least of all. This means that you are able to setup your signals to be traded with various sizes and based on how often they will be executed and how well these same strategies have done historically.
     Another idea is simply playing the longer term signals and the benefit of this is that in general there is more market data profiled by the AI that spots these signals so in our opinion that helps with probability of success being a bit higher on them. Also there will be less volatility in the equity of your trading account and because you execute less trades your API credits will stretch out a bit further.
     Also don't forget that at any time you can stop taking autotrades and simply lock in the profits that you have made that day. This might be a good idea when you see that so far the day is showing results that have a higher percentage of wins than the weekly or monthly average. Conversely also you might start Autotrades at a point intraday when there have been several consecutive losses and the results so far that day are underperforming the weekly or monthly average success rate. All this gives you the flexibility to trade how you want and when you want using professionally designed Binary Options Signals software and the fastest execution available via the SignalPush APP.
NEW Version 2.20 released watch this video for demo and instructions