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     Today is June Third of 2013 and here at Binary Options Tutor we decided to track five recent consecutive trades from our Binary options signals software service with premium content. We encourage all prospective clients to continue to do their own DD by tracking as many signals as you like in the fully transparent Demo of our online binary options signal system here on this site. The following is an attempt to illustrate the quality of our signals and also point out how to properly track these results. I will comment briefly on the action that you will be seeing on the charts and the signal
5 Binary Options Signal Examples

[CLICK] image to Zoom In/Out Bot 5 Signals 06032013
14:11 GMT USDYEN Triggerman Binary Options Trade Chart:

[CLICK] image to Zoom In/Out USDYEN Contrarian 14 11 GMT
     OK on this chart you can notice that the market did not trade back up to the top of the range on this signal for this PUT ( Signaling the market is profiled to go down ) however there was a bit of a nice bounce up on the 5 minute candle and clients could manage to enter a signal and profit nicely here exiting after 19 minutes. This trade is part of our triggerman strategy and these are longer term signals with expire times set to leave the market early when trading on an EU based broker. However as you can see the trade did hold and would have been nice to extend this trade on a  broker like Nadex or trading Spot FX as well.

14:36  GMT GOLDUSD Triggerman Binary Options Trade Chart:

[CLICK] image to Zoom In/Out GOLDUSD Triggerman 14 36 GMT

    This was another longer term triggerman signal and while the market did  move as expected for our call due to the suggested expiry time the best result here was likely ATM ( At the Money ) break even depending on the broker you were trading this signal on. We got stuck in some sideways trading after our entry and it took a bit longer for the market to actually break out to the upside as the AI profiled it to do. Not all signals will result in profits every time and this was a pretty solid trade just needed longer to get the results we wanted.

15:18  GMT GBPUSD Contrarian Binary Options Trade Chart:

[CLICK] image to Zoom In/Out GBPUSD Contrarian 15 18 GMT

    This was a contrarian ( Counter trend ) trade and these are signals that are profiled with shorter exits and you can see that signal suggested exited this trade after just 7 minutes. The market was running and  managed to get above our entry and so a trader practicing patience as we share in the private area could have got a VERY healthy entry here . This is an example of why we like to leave the trading to humans and just provide solid signals for clients to trade around. You can learn execution and observe these charts and the many setups and actions in the markets first hand and grownas a trader and no Auto trade copier can offer you this first hand trading experience.

17:47  GMT USDYEN Contrarian Binary Options Trade Chart:

[CLICK] image to Zoom In/Out USDYEN Contrarian 17 47 GMT

     This was another Contrarian trade and you can notice the market wicking (stopping and making that tiny bounce right on our line representing the bottom of our suggested entry range. The ranges we share are there to help clients execute better and sometimes they can line up wonderfully just like this one. However because there is no central price data depending on what broker you are trading Binary options or spot with your results might be slightly different. This was still a nice win even though the market tried to turn off the highs on the close as you can see.

18:06  GMT USDYEN Contrarian  Binary Options Trade Chart:

[CLICK] image to Zoom In/Out USDYEN Contrarian 18 06 GMT


     Just 19 minutes after sending a CALL signal you can see the AI profiling a PUT signal right here on the USDYEN and traders were alerted to take this opportunity to trade the USDYEN lower after it's 17 Pip Gain in just 19 minutes. Platforms like Nadex or a spot Forex can also be used to trade around these signals for maximum results scalping in short time frames as well as can be seen here. The market did not quite make the top of our suggested range but it  pivoted nicely inside the range and resulted in a very strong healthy win.

   Those are some very recent signals with charts just for illustrations but Binary Options Tutor is about more than just signals we are here to help ordinary people cut through all the jargon and misinformation so ordinary people from all walks of life around the globe can become extraordinary traders.