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Channel Surfing Nadex n Forex Template

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Channel Surfing Nadex n Forex Template
OK here goes the Template and a video ( longer than I intended sorry guys ) explaining this simple template and indicators and how to use them along with PA for some FX scalps, Nadex Bracket trades and quick 2 hour ( 1 hour recommended or just under that ) bets. I go into a lot of detail but if you are just bound and determined to learn price action I really think this video will help break it down.

This is a free Template that I share on a site my brother and I run. I call it Channel surfing because there are lots of overlays of channels to use as guides to hopefully aid your price action trading. I am going to explain each of the indicators on here and how they all work in harmony together to hopefully help with
spotting the bigger picture more objectively.

A) Price Donchain: Nothing to do with time just the price that I
set after gathering some simple statistics in another free
indicator on our site.

B: Donchain channels: Helps keep track of highs and lows on
the 4 hours chart.

C: Moving averages: I put these 2 moving averages together one
is based on the average high of the 6 hour period and the other
is based on the average LOW of the six hour period. Good spots
to find rejection or start looking for breakouts. Also good area
to see when we are just sitting in a choppy place below the
average highs and lows ( So chop means not a good time for
touch brackets on Nadex or trading Forex ).


D) Bot Average Bid ask: Helps me see roughly where the Nadex price should be in real time.

      Remember watch the video for help with reading price action and stay with the trend as best you can. When you are
doing 2 hour binary options on Nadex place bets at strikes on the opposite side of the trend ( Higher ITM on Down trend
Lower ITM on Uptrend ). I hope this helps a lot of peoples trading.


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