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Deviations With Probability APP 90 days access


$19.95 Deviations With Probability APP 90 days access
Deviations With Probability APP 90 days access
If those odds don't look so good
to you
I have some better news!
I will start with one of my favorite trading quotes:
" The hard work in trading comes in the preparation. The actual process of trading, however, should be effortless."
Jack Schwager – Author of Market Wizards

We have done a lot of the preparation for you developing our own custom formula to calculate deviation levels to trade around on almost any market. Then we back tested those levels and added probability percentages of touching each level on the day. We did not just stop there however we used these levels in an easy to follow strategy buying low percentage lows and selling at higher percentage high targets on the day trading just S&P futures at first & Forex. 

We did not just stop there however. We shared these numbers in chart markups on our twitter & in live trades on our twitter & youtube for almost 2 years straight publicly & completely free.

Now for the first time ever we are going to start offering access to these numbers in an intuitive easy to use web based application starting with some of the most popular cryptocurrency.
Cloud Based Cloud Based App
Just Login from any device with an internet connection to access Deviation levels for Bitcoin as well as 20+ other altcoins and growing! Also get access to our VIP Chat with our fear index updates every 4 hours.

Push Updates Automatic Push Updates
We'll automatically send updates with new coins & features to your software. There is never anything new to Download and install.

Step by Step Training Step-By-Step Training
Although our software is very intuitive, we will also be including extensive training that shows you exactly how to use these key levels in several simple battle tested profitable strategies to trade cryptocurrency and more.

     If you are trading crypto or just investing in cryptocurrency over time you can use these numbers to get an edge in the markets once only offered to the select few mentioned above. I will also be sharing exclusive video content in our VIP chat room to help you make the most of these numbers & sharing other interesting key levels I am watching. We will be adding DWP indicator for Forex & CFD under MT4 to our website soon as well but right now you can get access to our VIP chat & numbers that will update every day for popular cryptocurrencies we actually trade.

Watch a video demonstration of the application below:

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